Apprendre le français XLVIII: Appât Page 51

PAGE 51 (Single panel page – color)

Single panel: Eliza assumes a position, vertical in the water, the sun shining down from the surface, the water blue around her, her arms outstretched, her hair streaming in the water, her eyes closed, her expression blissful.

CAPTION – FUZZY BOX INDICATING RECOVERED SPEECH (1): rrrzz…so peaceful and calm…pop!

Translation (1): rrrzz…si paisible et calme…pop !

SUBTITLE (2): Recovered drone footage.

Translation (2): Film récupéré du drone.

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Apprendre le français XLVII: Appât Page 50

PAGE 50 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View view of Eliza jack-knifing off the side of the RV Seagoon, seen from the point of view of a camera on the Seagoon.

Panel 2: A splash in the water off the side of the Seagoon where Eliza went in.

Panel 3: View of Eliza swimming through the water, viewed from a point below her.

CAPTION – FUZZY BOX INDICATING RECOVERED SPEECH (1): Fzzt Bzz supposed to swim out about a hundred yards or so.

Comment (1) : Material like “fzz” “bzz” etc in this and other balloons labeled RECOVERED SPEECH are onomatopoeia for noise in the transmission.

Translation (1): Fzzt Bzz censée nager sur une centaine de mètres environ.

SUBTITLE (2): Recovered drone footage. Translation (2): Film récupéré du drone.

Panel 4: Eliza swimming downward, below the surface.

CAPTION – FUZZY BOX INDICATING RECOVERED SPEECH (3): crackle don’t even have to breathe…fantastic zzt

Translation (3): crac même pas besoin de respirer…zzt fantastique

SUBTITLE (4): Recovered drone footage.

Translation (4): Film récupéré du drone.

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Apprendre le français XLVI: Appât Page 49

PAGE 49 (Single panel page – do in color)

Single panel: Eliza, in full pin-up mode, sits naked on the railing facing out to sea. She’s turned her head around and is smiling and waving at the men.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): There doesn’t seem to be much hesitation in this moment of truth.

Translation (1): Ce moment de vérité ne semble souffrir d’aucune hésitation.

SFX – STILL MORE MALE VOCAL EXCITEMENT (2): Cheers, whistles, and applause.

Translation (2): Félicitations, sifflets et applaudissements.

Apprendre le français XLV: Appât Page 48

PAGE 48 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View down the deck. A bunch of men, sailors and science guys, are lined up a few feet from the rail, leaving a path between themselves and the rail for Eliza to walk along. Eliza is emerging up onto deck from a gangway to below decks, just coming into view in the panel.

Panel 2: Same view as in Panel 1, Eliza walking down the deck toward the viewer of the panel, past the lined-up men, still a bit distant from the P.O.V. of the viewer.

Panel 3: Eliza, a bit closer to thew viewer of the Panel, in the act of lifting off her cotton shirt (which, at the discretion of the artist, can read GNOSIS COLLEGE), exposing her breasts. This elicits a reaction of mounting excitement from the men lined up. The lifting-off of Eliza’s shirt shows that she wasn’t wearing any bra.


Translation (1): …murmures…

Panel 4: Eliza, now quite close to the viewer of the panel, in the act of whipping off her skirt, which reveals that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. The men around her are reacting quite excited by now.



Apprendre le français XLIII: Appât Page 46

PAGE 46 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Turpentine has lifted away his right hand and is now looking down at the back of his left, where the coin is now resting.

Panel 2: Eliza and Daphne sitting next to one another, both wide-eyed in anticipation.

Panel 3: Extreme close-up of the coin resting on the back of Turpentine’s hand. It is Lady Liberty-side up.


Translation (1): C’est face.


Translation (2): C’est donc Eliza.

Panel 4: Daphne and Eliza leaning over, giving each other a hug.

Daphne (3): Congratulations!

Translation (3): Félicitations !

Eliza (4): Thank you!

Translation (4): Merci !

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Apprendre le français XXXIX: Appât Page 42

PAGE 42 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Eliza standing at the boarding counter for an international flight, with Daphne behind her. A GATE AGENT is checking Eliza’s documents prior to her boarding.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): At long last the preparations were made. The volunteers boarded a flight for Southeast Asia…

Translation (1): Les préparatifs ont été menés. Les volontaires se sont envolées pour l’Asie du Sud-Est…

Panel 2: Eliza and Daphne sitting side-by-side in large, first-class seats in a first-class cabin. Eliza is holding a flute of champagne and Daphne is reading a book.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): The benefactor behind the exhibition arranged for them to travel first class.

Translation (2): Le parrain de l’opération leur a payé des billets de première classe.

Panel 3: Claudia in coach class, crammed into the middle seat of three between Hiram and another passenger. Hiram looks like he’s trying to get Claudia’s attention, perhaps even hitting on her. The other passenger, a FAT MAN, has gone to sleep. Claudia stares forward with Stoic resignation.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): Most of the other specialists on the exhibition had to travel in coach.

Translation (3): La plupart des autres spécialistes ont dû voyager en classe touriste.

Panel 4: Eliza, followed by Daphne, followed by Claudia, walking up the gangway to the RV Seagoon. Eliza is wearing her typical thin cotton shirt and skirt, Daphne is in denim shorts and a T-shirt, and Claudia is in a conservative white button-down short-sleeved shirt and a dark skirt. All three are carrying bags, with Claudia’s being by far the largest.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (4): After arriving in Singapore, volunteers and crew board the research vessel RV Seagoon for their venture in the South Seas.

Translation (4): Après son arrivée à Singapour, les volontaires et l’équipe ont embarqué à bord du navire de recherche RV Seagoon pour se rendre dans les mers du Sud.

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Apprendre le français XXXVIII: Appât Page 41

PAGE 41 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Eliza, about half climbed out of the tank, water dripping off her. A TECHNICIAN is pulling off one of her sensors. Eliza is smiling broadly.

Eliza (1): That’s just the most amazing thing, being underwater for all that time. I’ve never felt anything so peaceful.

Translation (1): C’est vraiment étonnant de rester sous l’eau pendant tout ce temps. Je n’ai jamais rien ressenti de si paisible.

Panel 2: Eliza standing outside the tank, all of her sensors now removed, toweling off but still wearing her one-piece suit.

Eliza (2): I can’t wait to do that naked in the open ocean.

Translation (2): Je suis impatiente de vivre cette expérience nue dans l’océan.

Panel 3: Daphne, back being interviewed in the coffeehouse.

Daphne (3): Back out? No way.

Translation (3): Des craintes ? Ah non.


Translation (4): Mais…

Daphne (5): But what? But I’m going to be immortal if I don’t go through with this?

Translation (5): Mais quoi ? Mais j’atteindrais l’immortalité si je ne donne pas suite à cela ?

Panel 4: Closer-in view of Daphne’s face. She looks deadly serious.

Daphne (6): None of us has the choice as to whether to die. We can only make it sooner, or maybe just a little later.

Translation (6): Aucun de nous n’a la liberté de demander à mourir. Nous ne pouvons mourir plus tôt, ou peut-être juste un peu plus tard.

Daphne (7): And we can try to attach meaning to death. That’s what I’m doing here.

Translation (7): Et nous pouvons essayer de voir une signification dans la mort. C’est ce que je suis en train de faire.

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Apprendre le français XXXVII: Appât Page 40


Panel 1: Professor Turpentine, holding up a syringe which he is pointing to.

Turpentine (1): Of course, we are taking measures to reduce any possible distress in our subjects. For example, we intend to give them an injection of this…

Translation (1): Bien sûr, nous prendrons des mesures pour réduire tout risque d’angoisse chez nos sujets. Par exemple, nous avons l’intention de leur donner une injection de cette…

Panel 2: Eliza, her sleeve rolled up receiving an injection from a NURSE.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): …a solution of nanocytes that are thousands of times more efficient than human blood cells at storing and transporting oxygen.

Translation (2): …solution de nanocytes qui est des milliers de fois plus efficace que les cellules sanguines humaines pour le stockage et le transport de l’oxygène.

Panel 3: Eliza, sitting in a crossed-legs position at the bottom of cylindrical tank wearing a one-piece bathing suit, with a number of sensors attached to wires attached to her. She has her eyes closed.

CAPTION TURPENTINE NARRATING (3): With this injection, an inactive human subject can remain submerged for up to four hours.

Translation (3): Avec cette injection, un sujet humain inactif peut rester immergé pendant jusqu’à quatre heures.

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Apprendre le français XXXIV: Appât Page 37

PAGE 37 (Three panels)

Panel 1: Probably long on the side of the page. Close up view of Eliza in the giant tank wearing the “tentacle swim suit.”

Eliza (balloon with watery lines) (1): … … …

Panel 2: Close-up on a speaker on a control panel.

Eliza (radio balloon coming from speaker) (2): bzzt crackle hoff iss cocks bign faat like dis zz-pop!

Comment (2) : Eliza’s underlying internal monologue here is something like “Yes! Cocks [that is, penises] big and fat like these” but obscured by transmission noise. The translation should include appropriate representations of “noise” and distortion.

Translation (2): bzzt crackle hoff oiiii queues ssi grrroosse ke sa zz-pop !

Panel 3: Claudia and Turpentine, both dressed in coveralls, monitoring progress on a panel.

Claudia (3): Don’t you think we should tell her she has no internal censor going?

Translation (3): Ne pensez-vous pas que nous devrions lui dire qu’aucune censure n’est appliquée en interne ?

Turpentine (4): No! The more we get for science, the better!

Translation (4): Non ! Plus nous obtenons d’éléments pour la science, mieux c’est !

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Apprendre le français XXXIII: Appât Page 36

PAGE 36 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Claudia, in coveralls and wearing goggles, sitting at a high-tech workbench making adjustments to a tiny (about the size of a toaster) submersible drone.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (1): Ethical objections aside, preparations for an expedition are laid in.

Translation (1): Mis à part les objections éthiques, les préparatifs pour une expédition sont fixés.

Panel 2: Claudia now being interviewed in the lab. She has pushed her goggles up on her forehead, and her face has some sooty smudges on it.

SUBTITLE (2): Claudia Honeywood, Ph.D., Project Robotics Engineer.

Translation (2): Claudia Honeywood, docteure, ingénieur en robotique du projet.

Claudia (3): The creature will probably be able to block communications with our expedition ship, but we think a tightly focused beam from our subjects to a submersible might be possible. We can capture and retrieve data from it later.

Translation (3): La créature sera probablement en mesure de bloquer les communications avec notre navire d’expédition, mais nous pensons qu’un faisceau très ciblé allant de nos sujets vers un submersible pourrait fonctionner. Nous pourrons en saisir et récupérer les données plus tard.

Panel 3: A somewhat cleaned-up Claudia showing the submersible to Daphne and Eliza. Daphne seems interested, Eliza almost enchanted.

Claudia (4): Okay, ladies. So, one of you at least is going to be talking to this.

Translation (4): D’accord, mesdames. L’une de vous va au moins parler à cette chose.

Eliza (5): Ooh, it’s so cute!

Translation (5): Ooh, c’est si mignon !

Panel 4: Claudia fitting something behind Eliza’s ear.

Claudia (6): This sensor will transmit biometrics. It will also scan your brain’s speech center and allow you to provide some narration of your experiences.

Translation (6): Ce capteur transmettra la biométrie. Il permettra également d’analyser le centre du langage de votre cerveau et vous permettra de commenter votre expérience.

Eliza (7): I really want to try that…

Translation (7): J’ai vraiment envie d’essayer.

Claudia (8): You will. We need testing.

Translation (8): Ce sera le cas. Nous avons besoin d’essais.

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