Is this, indeed, our tentacle-vore future?

This comics panel is a reblog from This 6 April 2014 post at Infernal Wonders. The caption reads:

The food of the gods. The phrase ran through her mind as she saw Jorg absorbed — eaten alive — and digested. Could it be perhaps the ultimate fate of man?

Going by the style and content I would guess the artist is the great Wally Wood.

Vore image saved from orphanage

This image is reblogged from this 5 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It’s source is “Far East Adventure,” a now-deactivated DeviantArt account. It seems appropriate to present here since I’ve done my share of indulging in vore. According to my earlier post, the image was accompanied by the tagline “Where do these cultists keep finding these beautiful college girls?”

Social media, that would be my guess.

South Seas Lola

If Lola can hold her breath for just a little bit longer, it will all be over.

“Deep Sea Lola” commissioned by Faustus and created by Sketchwork. Please do not republish or alter without permission of the creators.

A second commission by Sketchwork, again with his cutie vore-girl Lola, this time making a lovely meal for the tentacle monster from my graphic novella Bait. I guess she just chose to go skinny-dipping in the wrong ocean, poor girl.

If you like this sort of work you can support Sketchwork on Patreon as I do.

You can get in touch with Sketchwork at Eka’s Portal. The artist also maintains a stream at Picarto TV as well as pages at Hentai Foundry and DeviantArt.

Girl eaters, they’re everywhere

I originally blogged this image in this 8 June 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It’s work by American fantasy illustrator Ken Kelly (b. 1946), and a bit of web searching shows that it was the cover of Eerie Magazine #60 (September 1974). A page at has a version with the original context:

“Deadly Man-Eating Aliens.” Yikes!

More Bait-spiration

Ever heard the expression “worse things happen at sea?” Well, here they are, happening, at sea. This illustration is reblogged from this 15 March 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It is Sea Food by Ted Hammond, a Canadian artist who appears to have a splendidly morbid sense of humor. In addition to his DeviantArt site, Hammond’s work is promoted through the Pinup/Cartoon Girls site and at

Bait now has a really permanent home

I am pleased to announce that my (very) graphic novella Bait has a permanent Internet Archive home:

Here is the link to the archive page, where you can download the whole graphic novel and all of its pendant art in either CBZ (a comic book archive format similar to ZIP) or as a single big PDF document. You can also read the comic in a nifty screen reader the archive provides (also embedded in small size above). The archive has also auto-converted my uploads into a variety of other formats. The completeness or reliability of these versions is a bit uncertain, but I would welcome reports from anyone who wants to look at them.

At 113 pages and with no fewer than five contributing artists, the assembly and uploading of this version of the comic was an unusual challenge, and it pleases me no end that this particular phase of the Bait project is now complete!