Second Agent 26

A source of octopus nutrition.

Iago Faustus wrote this story and its narrative light verses, and the story was illustrated by Dark Vasili, whom you can support on Patreon:


There are some fights you cannot win.
Our Agent’s in that sad position.
She’s now, for all she might have been
A source of octopus nutrition.

Podcast episode up: Judge Mental

Image used with permission of the creator

This week we interview Judge Mental, proprietor of Peril Comics and a long time creator of 3d art.  We talk about the art itself and the recent challenge he has taken upon himself to unify multiple fictional worlds, all of which are quite large in themselves.

The audio quality on the interview itself is substandard due to a failure in the software I normally use for interviews — we had to substitute a pair of recorded Google Voice calls to conduct the interview.  I have decided to make this interview available on the judgment that even inferior audio beats none at all.







You can listen to the podcast using your podcast app of choice, direct download the episode here, visit the episode’s Libsyn page, or listen on the embedded player below:

Just call me Dr. Podcast

Note: cross-posting from The Squick or Squee Podcast.

Image reproduced by permission of the artist

On this week’s episode we chat with the 3D artist OdinVonD, who shows creates comics and stories that are all over the peril map, some in the realm of vore and others that are not, many with a profound sense of conflict between the protagonists and antagonists thereof. He can and does depict acts of sex that stretch the limits of physiology and even provoke Faustus to acts of extended philosophical reflection. Do join us for our conversation.

Some links to Odin’s work:

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And in a bonus for this week, I’m the guest in both parts of a two-part episode of the Moustachioed Podcastio, where Daniel Segura and I go to town on game-changing revisionist western The Wild Bunch. Boy howdy did we have ourselves a time, because there is not quite anything like William Holden with a machine gun:

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Fifteenth Squick or Squee episode up: RyanC

Our guest on the podcast this week is RyanC, proprietor of Secret Stash Studios and another prolific and professional vore creator. Ryan began with comics and animation and is now in the process of making an entire vore game — indeed, an entire vore game-world — in gorgeous 2D animation. Did I mention that he is also bringing out an entire printed vore anthology? Looks like vore is getting bigger and more respectable, and RyanC is definitely part of that, so no vore fan will want to miss this episode.


RyanC on DeviantArt:

Secret Stash Studios on Patreon:

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Back “Cretaceous Seas,” Ryan’s 2D vore game on Kickstarter:

Back (and get copies of) Vore Illustrated #1:

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Fourteenth podcast episode up: Nyte

Image used with Nyte’s permission

On this week’s episode of The Squick-or-Squee podcast we interview Nyte, a creator who made the leap from desk job to full-time vore professional. Not just a meticulous comics creator, he is moving the vore trope forward by doing work in a new medium, the audio comic, one so suited to vore that it will really make you…hungry. It’s fascinating what he’s doing, so do tune in to hear him talk about it.



Comics for sale:

Eka’s portal:

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Logaĵo — 54-a paĝo

Adiaŭ, Eliza.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PAGE 54 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Closer-up view of Eliza. Almost all the tentacles are gone from her now, leaving just her being sucked still further into the feeding siphon. Her breasts are pushed up, compressed by the comparative narrowness of the siphon.

CAPTION – FUZZY BOX INDICTING RECOVERED SPEECH (1): …I love it zzt love it…pop…I love it…fwwwt…

Translation (1): …mi amas tion zzt mi amas tion… pop…mi amas tion…fuuut…

SUBTITLE (2): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (2): Pligrandigitaj kaj plibonigitaj bildoj el droneo.

Panel 2: Final close-up view of Eliza. Only her head now protrudes from the feeding siphon.


Translation (3): …ĝiiis…

SUBTITLE (4): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (4): Pligrandigitaj kaj plibonigitaj bildoj el droneo.

Panel 3: Eliza’s head had just been sucked into the feeding siphon. A largish bubble has erupted forth from the siphon’s end.


Translation (5): Blup!

SUBTITLE (6): Magnified and enhanced drone footage.

Translation (6): Pligrandigitaj kaj plibonigitaj bildoj el droneo.

Panel 4: A panel shaded from light to dark top to bottom (indicating light being filtered out as the ocean gets deeper). At the very bottom of the panel we can see the creature’s feeding siphon protruding.

SUBTITLE (7): Recovered drone footage.

Translation (7): Rekuperita video el droneo.

 Logaĵo (Esperanto/Longpaĝa versio)
Logaĵo (Esperanto/Diapozitivila versio)

Toozie’s Cinematic Fantasy 13

And in the end, our heroine makes a nice tasty octopus meal.

Click to load or right-click to download full-size image.

Part of a sequence in which artist Dark Vasili imagines what Toozie was imagining when she had to leave the monster-movie Cheesefest (a sequence that in main continuity begins at Storyboard 033.

If you support this artist on patreon as I do, you can get access to the artist’s galleries of exquisitely-rendered (some of it very NSFW) work.

Please do not reproduce this image or its associated storyboards or screenplay text without permission from Faustus, who may be contacted here.