Volume 03, Number 02

Volume 3, Number 2

In this chapter Maureen discovers what seems to be a sexual specter haunting the college chapel, a matter which she becomes determined to investigate. Meanwhile, Willie is cajoled by the hot Professor Rebecca Waite into a weird experiment with drugs and hypnosis that goes horribly…right. This chapter also contains a seven-page pendant story, “Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice,” about a Gnosis alumna and graduate student at the Innsmouth Institute for Marine Research who is truly, totally willing to give all for science.

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Willie and Professor Waite play at playiing each other.

Page One

Maureen invades Aloysius room via lockpicking skills!

Page Two

A pin-up of Moira Weir constructed in Aloysius's mind's eye.

Page Three

Strange goings-on in the St. Albertus Magnus chapel.

Page Four

Lola clears out, Aloysius snarks and gets smacked.

Page Five

Willie is off to work, while thinking of hot babes.

Page Six

We meet Professor Rebecca Waite on a color page.

Page Seven

Waite cites Richard Burton as a predecessor

Page Eight

Just say yes to drugs, Gnosis undergraduates!

Page Nine

Professor Waite's hypnosis seems to be having an unexplained side-effect

Page Ten

Willie and Waite: Freaky Friday Flip!

Page Eleven

Willie seems to get a kick out of "inhabiting" Waite's body.

Page Twelve

Waite discovers that she is having an erection

Page Thirteen

Willie and Waite take advantage of the body swap to satisfy curiosity.

Page Fourteen

Consent issues around the body swap are negotiated....briefly.

Page Fifteen

Body-swapped Willie and Waite copulate on Waite's desk

Page Sixteen

Nanetta and Anwei overhear Willie and Waite copulating.

Page Seventeen

Aftermath of Willie/Waite body-swap sex.

Page Eighteen

Maureen stalks Lola to her assignation in the Albertus Magnus chapel.

Page Nineteen

Maureen fails at her first attempt at voyeurism.

Page Twenty

Aloysius gets his courage up to talk to Moira

Page Twenty-One

Aloysius walks and talks with Moira.

Page Twenty-Two

Sometimes it pays to ask.


Hot mad psychologist Rebecca Waite is posed nude (with glasses).

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page One

At the Innsmouth Institute for Marine Research, Cassandra Kam records.

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Two

Cassandra strips naked as she continues her explanation.

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Three

Take that Asian woman fetishists!

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Four

What's in the pool that naked Cassandra is about to get into?

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Five

Cassandra makes contact with an underwater blob monster!

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Six

Cassandra is sucked in and disappears

Cassandra’s Self-Sacrifice, Page Seven

Where some scientsts see disaster, others see opportunity.

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