Volume 02, Number 03

Volume 2, Number 3

Aspiring biologist Cleo Mount joins an expedition to North Borneo in search of exotic specimens and loses her way in the rainforest. Rescued from near-certain death by beautiful and resourceful native girl Tondelayo. Cleo will find both friendship and pleasure among Tondelayo’s people, but she will also be forced to encounter erotic peril and her deepest fears in a bizarre religious ceremony that will involve “specimens” far more exotic than Cleo would have ever dared imagine existed. Will Cleo escape with her mind intact? Find out in this, the third chapter of Study Abroad.

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<Cleo Mount menaced by a giant spider!

Page One

Cleo begins recouting what a steamy place the rainforest is.

Page Two

Cleo strips for a swim.

Page Three

Cleo drifts peacefully, and then is swept away.

Page Four

Tondelayo rescues Cleo from certain death by getting naked.

Page Five

Naked Cleo led off into the rainforest by her rescuer Tondelayo

Page Six

Cleo hears things to fear while walking through the rainforest

Page Seven

Cleo arrives naked in Tondelayo's village

Page Eight

Naked Cleo gets fondled, and then welcomed, by the village Wise Woman

Page Nine

Serious rainforest party!

Page Ten

Page Eleven

Tondelayo expresses fear over initiation

Page Twelve

Cleo and Tondelayo embrace in friendship

Page Thirteen

Cleo and Tondelayo bound and stripped for their initiation

Page Fourteen

Cleo and Tondelayo bound and naked in a color panel

Page Fifteen

A wave of little spiders comes to assault Cleo and Tondelayo

Page Sixteen

naked tender trembling bodies crawled all over by spiders

Page Seventeen

The little spiders done, the big ones move in

Page Eighteen

Cleo bound naked in a giant spiderweb

Page Nineteen

Cleo and Tondelayo fucked by giant spiders

Page Twenty

Cleo and Tondelayo wrapped up in silk

Page Twenty-One

Cleo and Tondelayo sweat and shiver through a feverish night

Page Twenty-Two

Cleo has been changed by her initiation

Page Twenty-Three

Tondelayo discovers a change in her reproductive physiology.

Page Twenty-Four

Today these girls are women

Page Twenty-Five

Cleo's three friends are shocked by her adventure

Page Twenty-Six

Cleo and native man Ulu have fun

Page Twenty-Seven

Cleo introduces Ulu to fellatio

Page Twenty-Eight

Cleo shows that she can fit in well to a band-level people.

Page Twenty-Nine

Cleo takes leave of her happy friend Tondelayo.

Page Thirty

Missionaries who really fail to understand the world they're in.

Page Thirty-One

Discussion on Cleo's fantastic narration.


Cleo and Tondelayo in a hot embrace

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