03a — The Needs of the Many

Page One

Space Cruiser Erectus is in deep trouble.

Page Two

The crew of the Erectus is right to be worried.

Page Three

Germanic engineer Krautie sees no hope.

Page Four

Yeoman Rosa Roundheel comes up to the bridge with ice cream!

Page Five

Schlock has a good eye for what women are good for.

Page Six

"I'm a doctor, not an electrician."

Page Seven

To the surprise of no one, the procedure requires female nudity.

Page Eight

And Rosa Roundheel fits nicely into the machinery.

Page Nine

"Give it to me, Captain!"

Page Ten

"Oh, yes!  I can feel the power!"

Page Eleven

"It's amazing, Jed, she's actually converting!"

Page Twelve

"You shut up!  More!  More!"

Page Thirteen

Rosa Roundheel gladly gives her everything.

Page Fourteen

Erectus's crew lives to fuck up another day.

Page Fifteen

"It seems like we lose one of these Red Skirts every week."

Page Sixteen

Poor Rosa, but it was a way to go that no one had gone before.

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