Volume 11, Number 04

Volume 11, Number 4:

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter 4

Note: This volume was guest-written by Vinnie Tesla. Kat Carter finds herself ever-deeper in elaborate sexual scenarios plotted out by her Eidolon alter ego. Meanswhile, at Gnosis College, the Monsters of Science hide out from student rioters and drone attacks and learn something about Viz’s unusual origins. When evidence emerges that there is some connection between absurdly prolific erotica creator Biff Sparkleman and the Munkytown virtual reality game they hacked, they resolve to meet the mysterious writer in person.

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Munkytown gets dangerous!

Page One

Kat Carter boards a subway on what seems like an ordinary commute.

Pages Two and Three

Kat realizes she is the object of attention in the subway car.

Page Four

Kat helped out of her clothes and into bondage by fellow subway passengers.

Page Five

Kat in a BDSM subway scene with a burka woman and shibari suspension bondage.

Page Six

Kat's train expresses past a stop while she is in suspension bondage.

Page Seven

Kat gets double-penetrated on the subway.

Page Eight

Kat is hastily dressed back up as her subway train approaches a station.

Page Nine

Kat staggers off the train, to the bemusement of fellow passengers.

Page Ten

Herding pervs is worse than herding cats!

Page Eleven

It's Cuffy again!

Page Twelve

More interactions with Cuffy.

Page Thirteen

Kat discusses her weird sexual encounters with the Eidolon, fearing that they might be too much.

Page Fourteen

Kat and Eidolon discuss possibly limiting the number of scenes Kat is involved in.

Page Fifteen

The Monsters of Science begin a discussion of Viz's cyborg origins.

Page Sixteen

Viz gets ready to reveal his secret.

Page Seventeen

Viz appears to be the product of Ramified Technologies.

Page Eighteen

Young Viz is very impressed by the robotic exoskeleton his mother created.

Page Nineteen

Young Viz exalts in his control of the exoskeleton.

Page Twenty

Viz crashes and burns.

Page Twenty-One

Young Viz, nearly dead, is wheeled into an emergency medical facility.

Page Twenty-Two

The making of a cyborg.

Page Twenty-Three

Chit-chat among the monsters of science.

Page Twenty-Four

Hacker chat.

Page Twenty-Five

Munkytown is down.

Page Twenty-Six

It's disturbing to find yourself in a self-referential story.

Page Twenty-Seven

The monsters feel the need to head off to the uncanny valley.


Best not let this librarian catch you not being quiet!

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