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Note: cross-posting from The Squick or Squee Podcast.

Image reproduced by permission of the artist

On this week’s episode we chat with the 3D artist OdinVonD, who shows creates comics and stories that are all over the peril map, some in the realm of vore and others that are not, many with a profound sense of conflict between the protagonists and antagonists thereof. He can and does depict acts of sex that stretch the limits of physiology and even provoke Faustus to acts of extended philosophical reflection. Do join us for our conversation.

Some links to Odin’s work:







You can access the podcast on your podcast app of choice, via its Libsyn page, or direct download it. You can also listen to it in this post via this nifty embedded player:

And in a bonus for this week, I’m the guest in both parts of a two-part episode of the Moustachioed Podcastio, where Daniel Segura and I go to town on game-changing revisionist western The Wild Bunch. Boy howdy did we have ourselves a time, because there is not quite anything like William Holden with a machine gun:

You can access these Moustachioed Podcastio episode either Daniel’s Apple podcasts page or on your podcast app of choice.

Podcast Appearance: Zoot Suit

It is with great pleasure that I can announce a new appearance on The Moustachioed Podcastio with Daniel Segura as we spent an intense time discussing Luis Valdez’s 1981 Zoot Suit, a musical that takes off from real historical events in wartime Los Angeles (the Sleepy Lagoon Murder and the Zoot Suit riots) and becomes something truly extraordinary and complex. You can get a sense of how complex by listening to Daniel and me wrestle with it for nearly 100 minutes. It stars, among others, the awe-inspiring Edward James Olmos as “El Pachuco,” who’s either protagonist Henry Reyna’s projected alter ego, an allegorical representation of Chicano consciousness, or perhaps an Aztec deity. Aren’t movies great?

You can access the episode via Daniel’s links page or just load up “Moustachioed Podcastio” in your podcast app of choice.

Our custom episode art is by Lucy Fidelis, a long-time contributor here at Erotic Mad Science, showing El Pachuco projecting in front of a 21-st century Los Angeles. You can find out more about Lucy by visiting her website.