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PAGE 17 (Four panels)

(Note: More Super 8 camera “footage.”)

Panel 1: Barron Sr. and a WEALTHY FRIEND (another corpulent middle-aged man), both wearing sunglasses, tacky Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts, sitting on deck chairs sipping drinks.

Wealthy Friend (1): President Reagan sure did a number on those air traffic control thugs and their union, eh?

Translation (1): C’est vrai que Reagan a agi de la sorte avec ces voyous de contrôleurs aériens et leurs syndicats, non ?

Barron Sr. (2): Here’s hoping he takes on the coons and the spics next.

Comment (2): “Coons” is a highly derogatory term for African-Americans, “spics” a highly derogatory term for Latinx Americans. The use of them in dialog here is to show Petrobux as a nasty racist – something hardly unusual for a man of his social position and geographic origin. Translate them with discretion.

Translation (2): En espérant qu’il se charge ensuite des immigrants et autres basanés.

Panel 2: Wealthy friend is sitting up peering over his sunglasses, while Barron Sr. is waving Barron Jr. and his camera away with a gesture of his hand (indicate with motion lines).

Barron Sr (3): Move along, son. This is grown-up talk.

Translation (3): Va plus loin fiston. C’est une discussion entre adultes.

Panel 3: Phoebe is in her bikini, leaning slightly backwards with her hands on the rail, looking forward, enjoying the sun and sea. She is also wearing sunglasses and her body glistens a bit from her having put on sunscreen.

Panel 4: Same as before, but now Phoebe is looking into Barron Jr.’s camera with an admonitory expression.

Phoebe (4): Barron…

Translation (4): Barron…

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