10 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus: Act III, p. 29

  1. I’ve seen quite a few bad endings to stories.
    This one’s horrifying.

    • Careful. Any more talk like that and Fnirp is likely to lecture you on why Patriachy is necessarily Science’s answer to chaos. To several decimal places!

      Which would be equally as horrifying, if not moreso.

      Not that I’d rule that out as being a plot thread of the sequel, mind you.

    • Bad guys win. Either a concession to reality or a Brechtian estrangement effect, take your pick.

    • Only because Polly 2.0 was apparently lobotimized.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if Fnirp sold his tech and it became the basis for that one group’s “stepfordization” process some decades down the road.

  2. Fnirp then went on to make a fortune selling the ray to incels, until he was convicted of conspiracy to rape and beaten to death while awaiting sentencing.

    • It seems pretty normal for incels to be unloved, why would they want a device that restores “normalcy?”

      • Because they’re convinced the women who refuse them are the abnormal ones, and would expect the ray to solve all their problems. When it doesn’t…

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