14 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on the Campus: Back Cover

  1. There’s got to be a happy medium between the two versions. I like smart Polly Mae, but also want her to have the sex drive of a nymphomaniac.

    • Well if you were a REAL MAN, you’d be able to charm the long skirt off of smart Polly Mae.

    • She might not notice you wearing earplugs if you sit back in the audience.

  2. Girl genius.
    We might need to figure some things out to meet in the middle, but she’d be a strong, independent woman. If she chose me, it wouldn’t be because she was indoctrinates to get her MRS degree.

  3. Is there a third option for the analyzed Polly Mae broken down into her component molecules? Hehehe

  4. I married a super genius forty years ago.
    She still wants me as often as I can get it up.
    No regrets.

  5. By the by, it’s been my experience the smarter the woman is the kinkier she is.

  6. The genius version. She’s got proper mad scientist potential. I prefer my mad scientists to be in control of their science. Being mad shouldn’t serve as an excuse for loosing control of an experiment as Fnirp does.

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