Allan Anderson illustrates questionable rescues

Rejected why?
Dig some more skin-tight spacesuits

Allan Anderson (1908-1995) was another pulp great who did his share of Planet Stories covers. I sometimes wonder whether he was entirely happy with the commissions. Take this cover for the Fall 1947 issue, for example.

That’s a pretty classic damsel in a filmy, torn dress (but perfect hair) being carried out of danger by a manly ray-gun-wielding spaceman. The position of the lady’s right hand though, in its almost claw-like arrangement of fingers against the rescuer’s face, makes me wonder whether she really wants to be rescued. Maybe she was happier back with the creepy-crawlies? It takes all kinds to make a galaxy.

Then there’s this from May 1951.

A version at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database is less beaten-up and washed out but still small.

Why is space dude all blue? Has the hard work of damsel rescue done something to his oxygen supply?

Both the 1947 and 1951 issues are available to read and download at the Internet Archive.