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  1. So are polydactylic xenoforms actually predators of humans? Or is there more to the story (do the women stay with them forever, leading to the misperception that they’re eaten)? Or are these different critters altogether?

      • Kinda hope they stay with them forever….

        Although might be possible that they become one with the creature itself by “transforming” or ‘merging’ into one of it’s tentacles or anywhere in it’s mass like eyes and such?

  2. Petrobux may not be the nicest person on Earth, but I’ll credit him with at least caring for the wellbeing of his offspring enough to take up the gauntlet in the face of an outré threat.

    • Most men don’t like the idea of their daughter drowning naked and being penetrated by an octopus.

      • Because men treat their daughters like property (until they’re married to their new owner i.e. Husband) hence patriarchy .

        Very high chance those bullets would hit her more than the creature itself.

  3. I hope he has a pistol, not a rifle. Supersonic bullets won’t penetrate more than a foot into water before they shatter – unless they’re ‘monolithic’ solid chunks of copper or brass. Bullets like those are often used for game with really tough hides like wild boar.

    Years ago I read an article in a gun magazine on such big game bullets. It had photos of a wild boar shot with them, including where one merely shaved off a line of hair when the hunter stood close to give it a second shot to ensure the kill.

    Pistol bullets are nearly always subsonic and round nose bullets can penetrate 10 feet or more of water and still retain enough energy to be lethal. Hollow points will of course expand and slow rapidly, no better water penetration than any rifle bullet, including .50 BMG.

    But maybe Petrobux takes his boar rifle everywhere he goes and always has it loaded with cartridges that have monolithic bullets. $20 or more a round is nothing to a guy with tons of money.

          • A lot of accounts I read said a lot of soldiers died on the beach, so they were hit with shrapnel from artillery when the boat landed?

          • I guess those bullets would have a high chance of hitting the girl than the creature ironically?

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