A new series begins with “She’s the Ransom”

It has been a while since I’ve had a comic which I’ve written myself across my little network of sites, but I now have something to offer. “She’s the Ransom” isn’t Erotic Mad Science. It’s something more like erotic horror. Or an attempt at a contemporary realization of the old-fashioned shudder pulps. Or it’s a dark vision of things that are soon to come. The blurb I wrote for the copy deposited at the Internet Archive reads as follows:

In a near-future dystopia, a gang of rebels abduct a rich, politically-influential man and his wife and use them as actors in a macabre piece of political theater. This work is a short comic book. It contains violence and explicit sexual content and is not suitable for minors.

Clearly this comic is born out of a deep rage that began to rise in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016 and hasn’t subsided since. I do not apologize for this. Making art means you need to go into your dark places and drag forth what you find there. (If you can’t bring yourself to do that, perhaps you oughtn’t be writing.) I shall however give you due warning; if you’re triggered by sexual violence or political anger, you might want to give this little comic a miss. Since it’s not appropriate for Erotic Mad Science, I’ve found it a home at my dark-art site Infernal Wonders. The post-up is unusually rich, with navigation links, script material, and also available downloads of the comic in PDF, CBZ, and EPUB formats.

Another note: “She’s the Ransom” is the first is a series of new comics which I’m calling the Fabulae Atroces Fausti. I expect there will be others soon, perhaps a bit more cheerful than this one, if still, as the name suggests, rather shuddery.

Little Script and Bespoke Art: The Asianizer

Every now and again I feel the need to write a bit of screenplay, and Shon’s observation on Austin Grove’s rather problematic erotic predilections somehow inspired me to get in touch with my inner Michael O’Donoghue and write a little satire. At least, I think it’s a satire. Other perfectly respectable people might think I’m just indulging in racial fetishes and misogyny for my own sick amusement. C’est la guerre. Anyway, those of you who grew up in the United States in the 1970s and watched those over-loud television commercials for various apparently-miraculous life-problem solving products you could send away for by mail order (e.g. those of Ronco and the like) will probably readily recognize the strange little genre to which this short script belongs (you can mouse-over and use the control buttons at the bottom of the image to page through the script):


Naturally it seemed wrong that I should just have black-and-white text to illustrate such a concept, so I commissioned Frans Mensink to bring it out in glorious living color:

Not a trick! Not a disguise, but an amazing thorough transformation!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

“The worst Bond imitation known to man.”

I was thinking about this line of movie criticism of Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966) that appeared attached to today’s page of the Tales of Gnosis College. I am disinclined to debate its merits as criticism, but it made me wonder whether there are any James Bond imitations that are somehow not known to man. What might these be?

  1. A James Bond imitation put together on a lesbian separatist commune, as a way for its inhabitants to mock the masculinist values of the society from which they are separating.
  2. A James Bond imitation staged by African bush elephants. It gets boring out there on the savannah, after all.
  3. A James Bond imitation created by aliens in another star system who have been monitoring Earth’s UHF late-night television broadcasts, conducted as a simulation and training exercise prior to their invasion of the earth.

Readers are invited to liquor up and contribute their own suggestions in the comments.

Big damn blogging milestone

By my estimate, at noon today (New York time) across the four blogs I actively maintain, including this one, Hedonix, Infernal Wonders, and Pyrosophy, I have put up a total of 10,000 posts. There will by whiskey in celebration in the old Faustus lab tonight!

The post that would have put me over the line was Δ 020 – Is Anybody Out There? at Hedonix, which is part of a series of striking image attributions I commissioned from Bacchus at ErosBlog. Bacchus did some amazing work on these, so it would be well worth your time to check it out.

New image blogs now added

I am pleased to be able to announce the addition of two new image blogs. I have a lot of images which I am attempting to tag and organize, and given how efficient WordPress is for classifying things I’ve figured I might as well use it and, as long as I am using it, I might as well share what I have with the world. I am also in the process of trying to make sure that I rescue images off my various tumblrs against the possibility that that resource might go bad.

The first of these blogs, Hedonix, is a collection of images off various tumblrs that happen to make me happy. There is erotica, to be sure, though mostly on the “nicer,” cheesecakier side of things. But there will also be glamour images and other things I like, like pictures of libraries, cityscapes, and trains and other classic bits of technology.


The second of these two new resources is Infernal Wonders, devoted to images that, while often still erotic, might be a bit on the not-so-nice side. The domain name comes from a figure who in Christian demonology serves as the secretary and custodian of the public archives of Hell (I guess you’d have to be really evil to figure out their cataloging system!). These are largely images which might have fit into the “squick or squee” parades of this and past years, save that now they’ll be occurring all year round for at least as long as I have images to post.


For those who are curious, I have also written a little essay on why it is that I feel the need for a site like this one.

Both new sites are done up in a very clean WordPress theme (Origami Premium) that runs without sidebars, so you should be able to see the bigger images in sizes as big as your browser will allow. Feel free to head over, browse, and enjoy!

Big new publication experiment

The Internet Archive is one of the noblest undertakings on the entire Internet: a non-profit enterprise aimed at preserving everything that was every published, as well as making available all the knowledge of the world. And I am now pleased to be able to say that I have made my own tiny, humble contribution (other than all the content the Internet Wayback Machine may have gotten from sites I’ve run) to this mighty effort. It is a high-resolution PDF version of The Apsinthion Protocol, the entire volume, complete with a new volume cover executed by Lon Ryden.

Professor Corwin dissolves and tentacle-sexes girls while the FBI breaks in.

(Image links to archive.org page.) Creative Commons License
The Apsinthion Protocol, Volume Cover written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

You can follow this link (or click on the image above) to be taken to the Archive page for the work. It’s there in the original PDF in high resolution — a large download, but you can run it quietly in the background. And the Archive has also automatically converted it to a variety of other formats for e-readers, and will also allow you to read it directly on screen.

I feel very hopeful about this publication experiment, and if it works at all well I’ll soon be providing additional volumes for Study Abroad, Progress in Research, Invisible Girl, Heroine, and, when it completes its run at the end of this month, Gnosis Dreamscapes. If you happen to download, I’d be grateful for any commentary or feedback you might have on this new mode of publication. You can either leave me a comment on this post or get in touch with me by other means.

Two kinds of female character in mad science

(This is the first part of a short essay.)

Utter the phrase “female experimental subject in mad science” and I’ll bet that the first image that nine out of ten hearers conjure in their minds would be something like this:

(Found at Storybook Whorehouse.) Call her the Distressed Damsel. A beautiful woman captured and restrained (or sedated), stripped either completely or at least down to scantily clad, and then forcibly subjected to some obscene, perversion of nature technological intervention. The Distressed Damsel might be doomed to perish or to some fate even worse than that (as a way of establishing the wickedness of an antagonistic mad scientist), or might exist for the purpose of being rescued by a hero. As John Villalino has pointed out, many mad science stories will contain at least one Distressed Damsel of each type. One goes to first to her mad science doom as a way of establishing the antagonist (and, of course, allowing the audience to enjoy the titillation of watching her get bound, stripped, and mad-scienced up), while the other will be rescued as a way of bringing the story to what most viewers would find a morally satisfying conclusion.

I won’t deny that the Distressed Damsel story has its charms, but somehow I find myself even more excited by a rather different kind of story, one built around a kind of experimental subject I’ll call the Kitty Carroll. An image for her:

That’s Kitty Carroll, being turned invisible in the 1940 film The Invisible Woman. Something important to note about this female mad science subject: She might be naked (albeit demurely behind a screen as this is a 1940 movie), but she’s not in restraints, she hasn’t been kidnapped, she hasn’t been sedated. She’s here as a volunteer, answering a newspaper classified ad. Her response to the mad science? I want a part of that! As I wrote about her two years ago:

Let’s reflect on what Kitty has implicitly gone for here: “So, you want me to take off all my clothes, step into this machine that has hitherto never been tested on a human being, zap me with heaven-knows-what, and turn me invisible? Sure, I’m game!”

I think I’m in love.

And dammit, I think I’m still in love. The kind of fiction I create shows a longing for Kitty Carrolls wherever I can find them. The first instance that Lon illustrated for me in the first chapter of The Apsinthion Protocol:

Nanetta Rector embraces the mad science rather than fleeing from it. As will her friend Moira Weir. As will all four of the heroines of Study Abroad, albeit with a little pharmacological boost from Dr. Strangeways. Kitty Carrolls all.

I wish I could find more examples of Kitty Carrolls in fiction created by professionals — perhaps the paucity of such are a good reason for making my own. To be sure, I can think of a few. Janice Starlin in Roger Corman’s The Wasp Woman might be an example of one — she pushes really hard to get the mad science youth-making transformation tested on herself. I’ve suggested before also that one the most erotic things I’ve had about Invasion of the Bee Girls is not so much a scene (hot as the transformation scene is) as a thought: that Dr. Susan Harris, the lady mad scientist and head Bee Girl, is herself a Kitty Carroll, that everything we saw being done to Nora Kline as a Distressed Damsel — getting naked, getting irradiated, getting smothered in goop and covered in bees, and transformation into some sort of seductive, lethal transhuman — Dr. Harris must have done to herself at some point to become what she is by the time the movie begins. Talk about embracing the mad science!

I think perhaps I’m in love in a way that will probably be the end of me, but it will be worth it.

And why am I so in love with Kitty Carrolls? Tomorrow I get to embarrass myself with psychological speculation.

Artisanal Erotica added to blogroll

It is my pleasure to announce the addition of Artisanal Erotica to the blogroll here, a very promising-looking story site clearly being run by folks who are taking the process of making their own seriously.  Plus they have a lovely header illustration of the process of one-handed reading.

I must confess somewhat shamefacedly that when I first saw their URL, though, I experienced a real-life version of The Problem with Pen Island trope, so I guess I must count as a pervert through-and-through.

Footnote:  I believe this is the 800th post here at EroticMadScience.  And it seems like only yesterday I was scratching my head and wondering how this WordPress thing was supposed to work…

Experimental site: Nothin’ but the comic

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson, Journal, 11 November 1842

In the great spirit of mad science, I have put up a new experimental site GnosisCollege.com, which I invite the world to visit.

As you can tell from the screencap above, this is a very stripped-down site, consisting only of comics page from The Tales of Gnosis College boxed in Gnosis College’s blue and orange colors, with some hand-coded navigation at the bottom of each page and pretty much nothing else. It’s there for two reasons:

  1. To provide a new comics-reading experience with larger-sized images than appear on EroticMadScience.com, and;
  2. To provide a version of the comic that can be readily loaded and read on mobile devices

It works decently well for me both on my screen and on my phone, but of course I appreciate feedback form readers, either in comments or via e-mail.

Erotic Mad Science now on Twitter

EroticMadSci — that’s me, now.

For a long time I resisted, or was just plain lazy, given that social networking seems like sort of the last thing a mad scientist ought to be engaged in.  (Aren’t we supposed to be secretive types?  Monomaniacally working in our dungeon laboratories?)  But hey, I have all this material I want to publicize, and social networks seem to be the way things are done here in 2011.  And I’m obliged to live in 2011 (at least until I finish my time machine, that is).  So now I’ve got a twitter account, and will try to be diligent about tweeting.  You can see a widget in the right-hand side-bar.

I promise to try to be both informative and entertaining.  Tell your friends!