02 — Bait


A swimmer is dragged to her watery doom.

Page One

The captain and the sketchy scientist.

Page Two

The RV Seagoon at sea.

Page Three

Eliza Fanshaw describes how much she likes sex!

Page Four

Photographing a strange ritual.

Page Five

The Bride goes out to her wedding.

Page Six

A bizarre tentacle wedding.

Page Seven

Boy, Mussolini really looks angry about this movie.

Page Eight

An ancient woman is interviewed about her people's lost ancient religion.

Page Nine

Eliza explains why she's willing to die in order to have the ultimate sexual experience.

Page Ten

Lucretius and David Hume are good for facing death.

Page Eleven

The Motofupans are forcibly removed to make room for a naval base during the Second World War.

Page Twelve

An ancient veteran begins a strange tale.

Page Thirteen

And all of a sudden, pretty nurses just began to disappear.  Strange!

Page Fourteen

Naturally, the Navy covered everything up.

Page Fifteen

Barron Petrobux and his charming family go on a cruise in the South Pacific.

Page Sixteen

Barron Jr. careens about making himself a nuisance with his Super 8 camera.

Page Seventeen

Barron catches some unpleasant conversation between adults.

Page Eighteen

Phoebe grabbed by a tentacle and pulled overboard!

Page Nineteen

Way to strip a girl, tentacle monster!

Page Twenty

Bait:  Phoebe's parents panic helplessly on deck

Page Twenty-One

Phoebe ravished in the water by the tentacle monster.

Page Twenty-Two

Two crewmen electrocuted, Phoebe eaten.

Page Twenty-Three

Little Barron's little baron isn't so little right now.

Page Twenty-Four

Captain MacMurdie explains the mechanics of a bureaucratic fuckup.

Page Twenty-Five

Initial research on the tentacle monster doesn't go so well.

Page Twenty-Six

A closer look at the woman-eating tentacle creature.

Page Twenty-Seven

Professor Turpentine explains the point of the plot.

Page Twenty-Eight

Daphne Bosselseg explains her motivation.

Page Twenty-Nine

Daphne explains the heroic ethos.

Page Thirty

Taking the strangest examination ever conceived.

Page Thirty-One

Nothing like having a good lawyer to explain things.

Page Thirty-Two

Wouldn't do to have the victims panicking now, would it?

Page Thirty-Three

It is important for all the relevant contracts to be signed.

Page Thirty-Four

It's effective altruism at work!

Page Thirty-Five

Some leftist objects, but not at any price to herself, of course.

Page Thirty-Six

Claudia Honeywood works on a drone.

Page Thirty-Seven

A new communications system is tested.

Page Thirty-Eight

Dr. Worthinglock's amazing exploding capsule!

Page Thirty-Nine

Woman digests, capsule explodes, monster forced to surface.

Page Forty

The ability to stay underwater for long periods of time without apparatus -- a fantasy realized.

Page Forty-One

Each woman is attracted to her fate.

Page Forty-Two

It's a long way to Southeast Asia.

Page Forty-Three

Tentacle-monster capture ship.

Page Forty-Four

A gathering of momentous importance.

Page Forty-Five

The coin is flipped...

Page Forty-Six

And Eliza is the winner!

Page Forty-Seven

Eliza makes her preparations.

Page Forty-Eight

Eliza strips crossing the deck of the Seagoon.

Page Forty-Nine

Eliza waves goodbye.

Page Fifty

Eliza dives and swims naked through the ocean.

Page Fifty-One

Eliza floats naked below the surface.

Page Fifty-Two

Tentacles, tentacles...

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