Tumblr favorite #2315: The Man the Sun Gods Made


My original tumblr post was here. This cover of Planet Stories (Winter 1946) contains the text “Strange adventures on other worlds — the universe of future centuries. Carl Selwyn. Bryce Walton. ‘The Man the Sun Gods Made.’ To the vassel remnants of Lyallar, this mad was a god. To the Ardth hordes he was Tyr the Terrible. A Startling novel by Gardner F. Fox.” This image comes to us via twofistedpulp and was originally posted by Pulp Covers. The underlying source reproduces several interior pages from the issue, and they’re all pulpy goodness:

0-Planet46Win-004-600x937 1-Planet46Win-005-600x907 2-Planet46Win-014-600x770 3-Planet46Win-029-600x796 4-Planet46Win-041-600x924 5-Planet46Win-077-600x860 6-Planet46Win-083-600x777 7-Planet46Win-090-091-600x455 8-Planet46Win-117-600x911

You can download the entire issue in .CBZ format by clicking on this link.