15 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Four, Page Five

    • Well, they’ll want to get it all done before the end of the line.

      Unless, of course, they’re on a circular line. Then they can keep going all day.

        • I’m not sure how the Eidolon would be able to help with the physical end of the tracks if the route is terminus-terminus and not circular, though.

          • If the trains are controlled by computers, it can loop them around as much as needed and keep the doors closed.

  1. I was wondering where the ninja applying the clothespins in the first panel suddenly came from, and whether Kat might have a ninja-fetish or somesuch.
    Then I went a few pages back and realized this was meant to be a woman wearing a hijab…. My mistake. ^^;

    • As have I, as have all long-term city dwellers, I suspect. Stadtluft macht seltsam.

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