_Study Abroad_ now available.

"The use of excessive violence...has been approved."
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The second Gnosis College story, Study Abroad, is now available.

Study Abroad has an anthology structure, as it is the self-narrated tales of four Gnosis women engage in the common American practice of spending part of one’s time off in exotic places.  In the background, providing perhaps a little extra dose of mad science interest, are the activities of a sinister figure named Dr. Emil Strangeways…

Study Abroad can, of course, be read philosophically, with stories in the anthology posing intellectual puzzles, for example about the nature and origins of action (in “Odalisque,”), or how the beliefs and practices of people around you affect how you interpret your own experiences (in “Initiate“), or moral responsibility (in “Assassin“), or personal identity (in “Dinner“).

Or you can read it for fetishistic sex scenes.  I aim to please, so enjoy!