Strangeways’s machine I

A Prisão
Strangeways's machine II -- golden girls

Sometimes catching little snippets of a sci-fi story is highly evocative, perhaps even more so that the story itself.  I had something of that experience a few months back when Bacchus at ErosBlog sent me a link to this posting of an oddity over at the online fanzineShowcase.

The point of the posting is to show us something form an old British magazine called Zeta, published in 1968.

This issue was devoted to a weird science fiction story.  It was hard to make much sense of the story from the post (probably because the story didn’t make a huge amount of sense to begin with) but there were some intriguing text-image combinations, including one of a woman in a machine:

“What are you doing to me?” Now, I think that the story here is actually that this woman is being abducted as part of a weird all-woman Mars Needs Women-type scenario.  But the curious thing is, I think I find the text-image combination here more erotic if I don’t have, or can put out of my mind the original “genuine” context, because it is at that point that one’s imagination can go to work and start filling in the story that I like.

And I hope that perhaps it can also be the basis for beginning to fill in the story you like.