More comment spam folly

Pulp Parade #149: Altar with matching hanging closet

Fighting my lonely, never-ending battle against comment spam I came across one which some ‘bot had attempted to append to The Apsinthion Protocol today that read, in part:

My family and I have been attempting to locate this type of blog post for a long time and I realize that your thought on the issue at hand is correct. I will be sure to reccomend this post to my coworker

And just as I was about to consign it — consistent with my site practices and policies — to comment hell on the grounds that it was an obvious bit of comment spam (not just from the lack of content specificity, but because of embedded links) I did have to stop and wonder.

“My family and I…”

What sort of family would be looking for a mad science/tentacle sex/A.S.F.R./public humiliation sex screenplay?

Could it really be?

I too just want to…seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.