Quando me’n vò

Making beautiful music together
La Marseillaise

Connie Morton takes singing in the shower to a high level.

(Image from Self-Pleasureforwomen.com.)   What she sings is from Giacomo Puccini‘s La bohème, specifically Musetta’s rather risqué slow waltz, “Quando me’n vò.”  (Google offers one translation, here is another one from this source, which includes a parallel Italian-English libretto for the entire opera.)

Quando men vo soletta per la via,
la gente sosta e mira
e la bellezza mia tutta ricerca in me
da capo a pie’…
… ed assaporo allor la bramosia
sottil, che da gli occhi traspira
e dai palesi vezzi intender sa
alle occulte beltà.
Così l’effluvio del desìo tutta m’aggira,
felice mi fa!
When I stroll out alone
along the street.
The people stop and gaze at me,
to seek out my beauty from
from head to toe.
…and then I taste the sly desire
that gleams from admiring eyes.
They can see all my beauty which lies
concealed in my heart, perceived
from my outward charms.
So, this scent of ardent desire
surrounds me and fills me with pleasure!

A fantasy of visibility, of being desired.  Quite the thing to sing when pleasuring yourself!

“Quando me’n vò” is a huge crowd pleaser and it’s easy to find versions of it on line.  I’ll offer up two, because why not?  First a concert version with Anna Netrebko

And also a recital version with Maki Mori: