Electric underwater

Embracing what you have become
Oceanic feeling

Professor Corwin is surely right to observe that “…in salt water, Monsiuer Volt and Madame Ampere are not your friends,” although he’s slightly misquoting when he attributes the line to Charles Stross.  He is at least showing decent taste in casual reading.  The book he’s slightly misquoting from is this:

(Found at Stross’s website antipope.org, which has an even larger version here.)  If you think it’s true. as I do, that it would be very cool to have a version of H.P. Lovecraft who in’t sex negative (or for that matter full of all sorts of racial anxieties), you must read this book, in the unlikely event you haven’t already.

This book and its companions are quite the send-up of the whole James Bond mythos as well.