Teuthology IX

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Script for today:

Page 25

(Note: This is a large panel covering most of the page.)

A view of Octopus Edith, surrounded by screens and keyboards. She is manipulating multiple keyboards with her many arms.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Once I do get used to the new body, I find that it’s actually terrific for running a project where I have to analyze a lot of data.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I feel so amazingly flexible and free.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I’m actually starting to like this.

(Note: This is a smaller panel inset in the lower-right corner of the page.)

Close-up view of one of Octopus Edith’s arms pecking away on a small keyboard.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): And being able to spare an arm for one special project is very important.

Page 26

View inside the tank with the Edith Octopus manipulating various keyboards, levers, trackballs, etc. There are more screens than in the previous panel.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It’s really all just a matter of looking at lots and lots of data.

Close up view of the Edith Octopus’s eyes. We see glowing alphanumeric characters (presumably the data on her screens) reflected in her eyes.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It’s all just a matter of understanding the path forward…

Two tanks side-by-side. One contains the Edith Octopus, working busily away. The other has the half-girl/half-octopus, which is gazing toward the Edith Octopus’s tank.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): So that we might find the path backwards.

View of a report cover. The words TOP SECRET appear in stencil on the top of the report, with some illegible text beneath it.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Working fast, I produce a report on how this just might be done.

View of a bunch of military officers and white-coated scientists in some sort of “underground bunker” conference room.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It’s spectacular stuff. I’m sure they’ll have fun reading and debating it somewhere.

View of terminal outside the Edith Octopus’s tank. Chen is sitting at the terminal, while Shackleford is standing behind him, looking grim.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Before they show up to tell me news that they’ll pretend to regret.

Page 27

Note: Captions labled “CAPTION (Machine talk):” are captions meant to indicate communications over the screens between the Edith Octopus and human beings on the outside. They should be differentiated from other captions by using a distinctively computer-like lettering.

View of the Edith Octopus gazing up at one of her screens. A small icon of Shackelford appears on the screen, with some illegible text written beside it.

CAPTION (Machine talk): Professor Sterling, I’m afraid we have some rather unwelcome news for you.

Close up view of the window with the icon of Shackleford. The window contains the text “The evaluating committee believes your proposal is infeasible and that we must discontinue the project.”

Close up view of a talk window (presumably on Chen’s screen. There is an icon of the (human) Edith next to the text box.

Contains text:

“Infeasible? The science is sound. If it is a question of resources…”

Another view of the Shackleford window.

Contains text:

“We are very sorry, Professor Sterling. But you knew the risks going in. If it’s any consolation, the data we have gathered has been a great help to…”

View of Chen, his face grimacing, his hands pulling back from his keyboard, which is crackling with electricity.



Close up view of Edith’s chat window.

“Admiral Shackleford, I’m afraid that I have some rather unwelcome news for you.”

Edith sure showed those Navy boys a thing or two about how to pull a double-cross, no? A celebratory marine image seems apropos.

The artist (I believe) is Dorian Cleavenger.  I found the image at the blog World of Fantasy.