Teuthology XII

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Script for today:

Page 34

A long view of a helicopter hovering low over an estuarine bay somewhere in Southeast Asia. Suspended below by a cable is a tank.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I am getting something more amazing…

The tank dropping into the bay from the helicopter, making waves as it breaks the surface.

SFX: Splash!

CAPTION (Edith thinking): …than most people could possibly imagine.

A view of the tank resting on the bottom of the bay. Various marine plant and animal life about. And the Edith/Octopus is just beginning to emerge from the top of the tank.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): How many scientists get to actually be what they study?

Page 35

Close up view of the tank which was dumped in the estuary. A panel in the side of it has been flipped open and two of Edith’s octopus arms are pushing buttons.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): First to release the data.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): A deal’s a deal, after all.

A view of Edith/Octopus jetting away from the tank.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): And then…real freedom at last.

View of the Edith/Octopus making her way along an estuary bottom.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It feels more wonderful to be a sea creature than even I dared imagine.

View of Edith/Octopus seizing a crab.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Hunting and eating your own food is more delicious than any meal I’ve ver eaten.

Edith/Octopus burrowing into the bottom of the estuary. A small shark of some kind is visible in the background.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): It’s not all fun, of course. There are predators to avoid. Fortunately I’m well equipped to evade them.

A human, reaching for Edith/Octopus. It’s splay-fingered.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): But I can deal with some predators. I have a nice sharp beak and neuortoxic venom.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Make a meal of something else, human.

Page 36

View of Edith/Octopus swallowing a fish.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Amazing how much satisfaction you can get our of an existence of feeding, fighting, fleeing, and…

View with Edith/Octopus in the foreground and another T. mimicus in the background.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): …oh yes. That other thing.

The two octopuses, near the estuary bottom.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I have been feeling somewhat heavy of late…and I was wondering if I was producing eggs.

The two octopuses have drawn together and are beginning to entangle tentacles with one another.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I feel myself being drawn…I have no will at all.

The same two octopuses, now closely entangled.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Though the fleeting thought does occur that being turned into an octopus probably voids the warranty on the universal vaccinative…

A largely dark panel, showing an octopus arm in the dark with little bright dots moving down it.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): Octopus sex makes what mammals do look absolutely superficial.

Page 37

Closeup view of the previous panel

CAPTION (Edith thinking): The male inserts his arm right into the female’s mantle cavity and sends sperm packets down it…imagine penetration that reaches right into your vital organs.

Close up on the eyes of Edith/Octopus.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): The experience is absolutely mind-blowing for me.

View of the Edith/Octopus digging in the silt.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I have all the instincts of a female T. mimicus. I make a burrow and deposit my eggs.

View of an interior dark cavity. Lots of little baubles, like fish eggs, can be seen inside it.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I don’t hunt any more, but guard the burrow. I make a gentle current so that my babies get oxygen.

A group of tiny octopuses floating up in front of Edith/Octopus’s eyes.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): And in the end, I see the miracle of life before my own eyes.

Edith/Octopus’s P.O.V. She sees a trail of little baby octopuses swimming upward.

CAPTION (Edith thinking): I find myself wondering if they’ll take away anything human from me. I sort of doubt it.

Edith isn’t kidding. Octopus sex is a lot hotter than most people know.

Science Daily has a fine article on the subject here.