Invisible girl sequential art

Melting girl art
Fun with quantifiers

While it’s topical, I should note that the same Japanese “flexible-invisible” blog that was the source for yesterday’s melting girl art post also has a cute invisibility-transformation sequence.  Since the ladies of Apsinthion Protocol have been getting a lot of artistic attention lately, I thought it only fair to throw some to invisible girl Maureen Creel.

Uh, to be sure Maureen wasn’t quite that voluptuous in my own imagination but okay, I can roll with this.

Also one thing that Maureen clearly understood from the get-go that perhaps this girl hasn’t figured out yet is…

…that if your invisibility tech turns only you invisible you’re still going outlined by the clothing you wear.

Though I guess if you had her outlines there might be good reason for keeping them!

And as for the fine blog that gives us all this — it has been added to the blogroll, because there’s plenty of interest there.  Its name appears to be 消えます、溶けます、捻れます。 (“Disappears, Dissolves [something]”) according to not-too-useful Google translate.  If anyone wishes to propose a better reading, by all means please do so.