Tartarus XV

Tartarus XIV
New Iris art

Script for today:

Page 43

View of Pandora with her arms wrapped tightly around the jar.  Pandora is weeping.

CAPTION: Pandora was trying to save mankind from the worst of her action.

High-up view, looking down at bodies sprawled across the floor of the orgy room

CAPTION: But tell me, Taylor.  Why are you here?

View of Marie, trapped in the abduction bubble in the scene from Commencement.

CAPTION: I am looking for someone taken here against her will.

View of Taylor, crouched forward, a deep angry frown on her face.  She is hugging her knees.

CAPTION: I will find her.  I am not giving up hope.

View of Marie floating in a transport tube.

CAPTION (faint lettering, indicating that these are words being whispered by Taylor): Her name is Marie…from Gnosis College…have you…

View of Taylor, on her knees, looking up.  Donna, now lying on her back, is also looking out of the panel in the same direction as Taylor.

DONNA: Oh, dear, it’s time to go.  Would you kiss me goodbye, Taylor?


Page 44

Taylor and Donna in a deep, mouth-to-mouth kiss.

Donna leaning forward and whispering into Taylor’s ear.

DONNA (faint lettering indicating whispering): Look into Dr. Abdullah’s work.

Donna’s face, backing away from Taylor.  Donna is smiling innocently.  Taylor looks surprised.

A view of the orgy breaking up.  A servant in middle-eastern costume is carrying Donna away.  Taylor remains on her knees (her back to us).  In other parts of the room, girls and orgiasts are beginning to rise, lean on each other for support as they try to leave the room, etc.


Page 45

A group of nude young women, Taylor among them, walking along a featureless corridor.

CAPTION: The night’s entertainment done, we walk back to our quarters.

A shower scene, with soapy young women showering, one throwing a sponge at another, laughing.

CAPTION: We bathe ourselves.

Taylor standing at a basin in front of a mirror, brushing her teeth.

CAPTION: And brush out teeth.

Taylor lying between two other nude young women amidst cushions on the floor. One is curled up next to her, the other lies to one side.  Both are asleep, but Taylor is lying awake, staring upwards.

CAPTION: And go to bed.

CAPTION: If this weren’t all so porny I’d be reminded of a certain book my mother read to me as a child.

Close-up on Taylor’s face from previous panel

CAPTION: It’s clear I need to go in even deeper.

Same close-up before, except that now Taylor is squeezing her eyes closed.

CAPTION: And for the first time, I’m beginning to feel really scared.



As we reach this point in Taylor’s adventures, I’ll try to end on an erotically-upbeat note, a harem bathing scene.  Fortunately orientalist painters never seemed to get tired of painting harem bathing scenes.

Rudolph Ernst (1854-1932) The Harem Bath.  Found at The Orientalist Gallery.