Michiko art by Niceman

New Iris art
Anwei transformation art by Bokuman

Niceman, who’s work we’ve seen many times before, graciously agreed recently to participate in an experiment of my proposing (hey, it wouldn’t be mad science if we didn’t do experiments).  The experiment was an open-ended commission in which, instead of my pulling something I liked out of the scripts and asking him to render it, I asked him to leaf through the scripts himself and pick his own commission.

I think he made an excellent choice.

Creative Commons License
Michiko in Gel by by Niceman, commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (Click on the image for a larger version.)

Do we all recognize this, thaumatophiles?  It’s Gnosis Dreamscapes, and Michiko is about to show off her awesome ability to invade a young man’s dreams.

INT. Monitoring ROOM – DAY

The room has low light, just like the previous room. The opposite side of the one-way mirror visible in the previous scene in the laboratory takes up part of one wall.

In the middle of the room there is an object resembling an illuminated glass bathtub with wires and cables snaking away from it and a few inches of a gel-like substance within it.

WILLIE and PROFESSOR REBECCA WAITE are concentrating on a screen as Michiko enters the room.

(Note: Willie and Waite are the same characters as appeared in Progress in Research)

As Michiko enters, Waite looks up and smiles.


Excellent, brisk preparation of the subject, Michiko. Are you ready yourself?


Thank you, Professor Waite. Give me just a minute here.


Professor Waite was just commenting on how good you are at the job.

Michiko steps out of her sneakers, then removes her lab coat. She is wearing nothing underneath except a push-up bra.


Not just any woman could serve so well as a female neural template in the Dreamscape.

Michiko removes her bra and throws a seductive glance at Waite.


Because I am so amazingly sensual?


If you wish to put it that way, yes.

Michiko crosses her arms in front of her chest and frowns at Waite.


You disagree, Michiko?

Michiko steps into the tub and eases herself slowly into the gel as she speaks.


Oh I am ever so sensual.

(squeezes her breasts together before continuing)

It’s just that I never wanted to play to the stereotype of sensual Asian woman.

Waite grins.


I am sure you’ll have the chance to shatter stereotypes with what is about to happen. Are you ready?


Ever so.


Then let the dreams begin.

Pleasant dreams, Michiko!