The future that never was

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like we were living in the future as envisioned in the 1939 World’s Fair?  Well, of course you have.  Every rational person has, I’m sure.  Well, I think I’ve found someone who’s wondered rather harder than you or I.  His name is Bradley Schenk, and he’s put up a site that includes among other things drop dead gorgeous CG art and interactive fiction from an imagined retro-future.  The site is called Webomator, and although I urge you to visit and peruse it for yourself, you can get a good  flavor for what’s going on there by viewing this embedded video, a trailer for one of the interactive adventures

Trailer for “The Toaster With TWO BRAINS” from Bradley W. Schenck on Vimeo.

What you see might not be explicit erotica, but it is way sexy.


One thought on “The future that never was

  1. Have you seen Genius: The Transgression, a fan made Mad Scientist RPG gameline set in the New World of Darkness? The rulebook has an appendix for a setting called ‘The Seattle of Tomorrow’ were the antagonist Mad Scientist’s try bring about the future as depicted at the Seattle 1962 World’s fair.

    Needless to say things go horribly wrong.

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