2 thoughts on “The Apsinthion Protocol: Chapter Six, Page Six

    • You assume correctly.

      A note on politics: in an open society we are and should all be free to form and express political opinions and it seems a logical (though I think rather curious) extension of that liberty to conjecture about the political affiliations of fictional characters. Others might, particularly in light of Senator Madder’s previous appearance in The Apsinthion Protocol, draw slightly different conclusions from the one you do. Speaking as the author, I take no position on the matter.

      On a slightly different matter I do take a position. There are many, many places on the Internet that are sites for open political debate. I think that’s a good thing. However kindly note that I want for this site to be primarily about thaumatophile interests and not day-to-day politics. Should I see the comments tilting toward partisan rancor, it will be time for someone to put his foot down, and that foot will be me.

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