Entire Apsinthion Protocol file

Study Abroad teaster VIII: Emil Strangeways character design
Study Abroad teaser IX: Iris Brockman in the tank

One of my excellent commenters asked whether it might not be possible to get the entire Apsinthion Protocol in a single file for people who don’t want to deal with multiple chapter files.

Answer:  yes.  Although you’ll have to take them at the same medium resolution that you see them on this site.  High resolution would probably chew up too much bandwidth, but for most purposes, the medium resolution you see here should be quite satisfactory.  It comes in just a hair under 47MB as a PDF file, and you can get a direct and (I hope) speedy direct download either by clicking on the graphic or here.

Enjoy, and be sure to tell your friends!  As with everything else I commission here, it’s under a Creative Commons license, so you’re free to copy and share all you like.

Update 10/1. The complete edition is now available as a torrent as well.