Comic Book Archive files for The Apsinthion Protocol

Study Abroad: Chapter One, Page Five
Study Abroad: Chapter One, Page Six

…are now available for direct download as well as torrents.

The response to the direct download edition of the whole Apsinthion Protocol chapter has been very gratifying.  Indeed, it has been so gratifying that I have been persuaded to upgrade the storage and bandwidth available on the SendSpace account that I’ve been using to make direct downloads of the PDF versions of the individual chapters available.  With bandwidth to burn (for now, anyway), I’ve decided to make the high-resolution CBZ (comic book archive) files available via direct download.

CBZ is a handy format for people who really care about comics, and since these are high-resolution versions of the images, they’re recommended for people who might, for example, want to produce their own paper versions of The Apsinthion Protocol at home (which, of course, I encourage you to do).  The CBZ files will probably open in any application that can open .zip files, but they are probably best viewed in a dedicated comic book reader, of which several are available more or less for free.

You can access the files via the main Tales of Gnosis College download page, or via the handy little table below by clicking on the cover images.  Enjoy!