Study Abroad: Chapter Four, Pin-up

Study Abroad: Chapter Four, Page Thirty-Five
Study Abroad: Chapter Five, Cover

It wouldn’t be a chapter without a concluding pin-up, and for this one Lon has worked up what is surely his kinkiest one yet.

Jill trains in a sex machine, posed for a "Women of Gnosis" pin-up

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Study Abroad: Chapter Four, Pin-up written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

And that marks the conclusion of another chapter of Study Abroad, Naturally it’s available in a number of formats for those among you who want it all in a one piece. There are direct downloads. The biggest and highest-resolution is the CBZ comic book archive format (about 178MB, click on the icon for download):

There is the handy PDF version (about 60MB, click on the icon):

And there’s also a .mobi e-book version, which is in color and looks really good on a Kindle Fire, and probably on other e-book readers (click on the icon, about 18MB):

Torrents are also available, for the CBZ, PDF, and MOBI versions respectively.

Coming really soon: Iris’s tale and the conclusion of Study Abroad. Stay tuned!