Invisible Girl, Heroine: Chapter One, Page Six

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Maureen is hard at work on a science project. I don’t think it’s her honors thesis.

Maureen suffers an unconstrained failure working on a machine.

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Invisible Girl, Heroine: Chapter One, Page Six written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

Panel Two here has a source in a trope which is drawn on here because (1) I’m sort of immature and (2) Lon draws what I write in the scripts. The trope, ladies and gentlemen and others:

Found at the blog Weiß Aus Deutschland.

4 thoughts on “Invisible Girl, Heroine: Chapter One, Page Six

  1. The Apsinthion Protocol could have uses beyond dissolving and reconstituting people and kittens. It could be used as an all purpose medical repair system.

    It would make it fairly simple to correct genetic defects, replace amputated limbs, correct vision and many other things. Just think what some wealthy family with a kid that has Progeria or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva would pay to have that fixed. Those are the tough ones with a mostly unknown cause. The exact cause of simpler ones like Down Syndrome and Fragile X have been known for quite a while but there’s no way to go into every cell and yank out the extra chromosome or extra bits DNA.

    Yet another possibility for the evil mad scientist using this, do stuff like create a female version of a male by swapping his Y chromosome for a second copy of his X chromosome. Creating a male version of a female, no so easy unless a sample of her father’s DNA is handy. Even then the results – not as predictable.

    Something not considered in the comic books is artificial replacement parts. Run someone with an artificial hip joint through and what happens? Does the person get rebuilt with a natural joint? What about things like holes from piercings?

    Finally, in keeping with the pervy theme, does it regenerate females hymens and mens foreskins? I’d expect details like those, and pierced ears etc, to get lost in the distillation process.

    BTW, I submit the above to you under so feel free to use any of it as you please.

    • The Protocol certainly could be used as an all-purpose repair system — which is one of the reasons that the Anwei, Moira, and Nanetta are so starry-eyed with utopian possibilities in Apsinthion Protocol, Chapter Four. Fate intervenes in the development process, unfortunately. Without giving away spoilers, I can note that in the projected narrative beyond Progress in Research Aloysius will begin tweaking the protocol to modify human bodies (albeit under the pressure of circumstances).

      Further in the future mad science is used to effect a male-to-female transformation, albeit using a different technology.

      I hadn’t thought of the possibility of using the Protocol to restore lost bits of genitalia, but it’s certainly a creative idea! You should be writing…

      • I do have some story ideas, been looking for someone who’s skilled at writing but is having trouble coming up with stuff to write about.

        • If you have ideas, you can write. And as your previous comment shows, you have some very interesting ideas. It might not look great at first (though you never know), but the only way to learn is to do. For a long time I told myself that what I wrote was just for drawer, and that worked fine. But the more you write, the more able you will become. You can surprise yourself!

          A good book you might want to look into might be Susie Bright’s How to Write a Dirty Story Susie will encourage you better than just about anyone else can, and will give lots of practical advice besides.

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