Dr. Robo does Chrome Virus

Two new Apsinthion Protocol pieces by digitalmake
Tumblr favorite #34: The Love Slave and the Scientists

Just a reminder that our old friend Dr. Robo has been working hard on his transformation sequences lately, with a surprisingly docile subject in his new Chrome Virus series. Note the impressive amount of Science Stuff:

If mind controlling mad science is your thing, definitely head over his site at Metrobay Comix, where you’ll find more of it than you probably would have thought existed. (This particular transformation sequence runs for more than a dozen pages, for one.) I’m also pleased to note that Dr. Robo is now also running a tumblr, which I hope develops well.

I’ll also note that a perennial favorite thaumatophile subject — philosophy — puts in an appearance in the sequence, to wit:

Which raises a conundrum, at least for me. “Suppressing free will…” How can suppress that which is not?