Tumblr favorite #30: Naughty laundry machine

Tumblr favorite #29: Outer Space Sex Orgy
Tumblr favorite #31: Women are the brains of this operation

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Horny machine paws pin-up model while giant Ronald Reagan looks on, amused.


The history of PVH can be traced back to 1876, when G. H. Bass began his shoe manufacturing company in Maine. Separately, John M. Van Heusen and Isaac Phillips met and formed the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, and Vin Draddy acquired the rights to the Izod name in the early 1900s. In 1881, Moses Phillips and his wife Endel began sewing shirts by hand and selling them from pushcarts to local Pottsville, Pennsylvania, anthracite coal miners. This grew into a shirt business in New York City that placed one of the first ever shirt advertisements in the Saturday Evening Post