Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Twenty-Five

Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Ten
Where Am I? Chapter Two, Page Fourteen

There might not be that many people who can get really mad about what goes on in class, but Iris is one of them.

Iris drinks more beer and bitches more about Mora's seminar.

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Where Am I?: Chapter One, Page Twenty-Five written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

2 thoughts on “Where Am I? Chapter One, Page Twenty-Five

  1. If you have not seen this automated post-modern deconstructivist text generator – you should….


    follow the links in it for the actual real paper on recursive text generators that sound like they make sense….

    • Ha! Good call.

      If one examines semioticist neocapitalist theory, one is faced with a choice: either accept dialectic nihilism or conclude that reality may be used to oppress the underprivileged, but only if sexuality is equal to consciousness. The characteristic theme of the works of Smith is not discourse as such, but prediscourse. Therefore, the subject is contextualised into a semioticist neocapitalist theory that includes culture as a reality.

      I’ve often thought that reality was used to oppress the underprivileged.

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