Tumblr favorite #263: Another creature role reversal

Tumblr favorite #262: Deep space girl
Tumblr favorite #264: Dark laboratory

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Sourced to Adnan Kondakçı via bleedingbetty1960. Original text:

Goggles girl (and creature companion…)

Bonus Image Provenance: I commissioned Bacchus at ErosBlog to research this image further, and he has come up with the following additional details.

As soon as I saw this I thought it might be another artwork by Carlos Valenzuela. Sure enough, it’s on his DeviantArt gallery and is called “The Creature Exposed”:


Here’s another nice gallery of Carlos Velanzuela art that includes this image:


It is also available as an artist-signed print on eBay:


Bacchus is actively taking image research commissions, and if you have adult imagery you’re curious to learn more about, I encourage you to visit Bacchus’s introductory post for his image-searching service, where you can find details about how to commission him.

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  1. she caught a fish man :holds hands apart: THIIIIIS BIIIG.

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