Tumblr favorite #298: New teacher

Tumblr favorite #297: A cheery girl and her giant machine
Tumblr favorite #299: Mastering the classics

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Sourced to Old Erotic Art.

Bonus image provenance by Bacchus:

Your image is the cover art for an Italian Fumetti magazine called Skorpio:


That page identifies the cover artist as Massimo Carnevale, which matches the artist signature on your image (an “MC” in a circle). Massimo Carnevale is a prolific Italian cover illustrator. Comics Vine’s entry on him is here:


There is more artist information (in Italian) here:


Another small collection of cover art by him (including your image) can be found here:


Bacchus is actively taking image research commissions, and if you have adult imagery you’re curious to learn more about, I encourage you to visit Bacchus’s introductory post for his image-searching service, where you can find details about how to commission him.