Tumblr favorite #372: Bride of the Gorilla

Tumblr favorite #371: Scoot!
Tumblr favorite #373: Naughty phonebooth

The imdb entry for this movie is here, the original post is here, and the reason for my interest in any of this is in the original text to the post.

Original text:

I have never seen this, but Barbara Payton, an actress with potential that didn’t quite develop, did star in one of my favorite sci-fi 1950s sleepers.

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  1. Another interesting name in your poster is the writer/director, Curt Siodmak. In his long career in his native Germany and in America, he wrote a number of intriguing films, like “The Wolfman”, “The Magnet Monster” and “Donavan’s Brain”. He even acted as an extra in “Metropolis”! A great favorite of mine.

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