Tumblr favorite #698: Tight suits

Tumblr favorite #697: Steampunk apparatus
Tumblr favorite #699: Glow-in-the-dark Bride

This illustration reminds me of — and might be the work of — a digital artist I remember from the past who had created an entire plot line of women who put on tight latex suits for sexual stimulation. There was a catch in that the suits were controlled by sentient artificial intelligences which in effect took over their wearers, resulting in symbiotic cyberorganisms in which the suit ran the show, and its wearing provided muscle-power while experiencing life in a permanent state of erotic bliss. Or something like that. Original post here.

Sourced to FASHION-GIRLS-STYLE via suspect unknown.

Update: Thanks to a commenter we now have the complete provenance of the image. It’s Going For a Ride by Rubbermatt. The original image was cropped. Here it is complete:


The image galleries there aren’t large, but the distinctive style and the narratives that the artist has provided with the images (for example, this one) convince me that ve is the one I remember.

4 thoughts on “Tumblr favorite #698: Tight suits

  1. reminds me of the recent episodes, and an older set from this collar6.com/

  2. I recognised this right away – it’s a crop of a larger picture by Rubbermatt over on deviantART – http://rubbermatt.deviantart.com/art/Going-For-A-Ride-186853515 – which shows the Mistress of the house waiting patiently in her chariot whilst her assistant checks the ponygirls are harnessed up.

    (Sadly, not the first time I’ve seen someone not only fail to credit the artist, but also deliberately remove the artists signature and/or watermark.)

    • It’s bad behavior not to give image provenance if you know it and even worse to remove it, IMHO. I’ve updated the post to reflect the new knowledge your astute comment has provided.

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