2 thoughts on “Tumblr favorite #839: Vanishing cream

  1. This is from THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, a made for television movie (unsold sitcom pilot) that aired on NBC in 1983.
    Alexa Hamilton stars as Sandy Martinson, a cub reporter whose accidental contact with a mysterious chemical renders her completely invisible. Until a cure can be found, Sandy uses clothes and cosmetics – followed by a wig and contacts to keep up appearances. In the above scene, she is trying on makeup to see if it will work. As a reporter she finds being invisible can make her a “fly on the wall!”
    Gorgeous actress with a sweet and seductive voice! Good special effects (unless they involve water). Shot on videotape. Uneven plot but promising subplot about Sandy’s relationship with a potential boyfriend – who’s also a plainclothes detective – from whom she has to keep her secret.

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