A Thanksgiving treat for you

Transporter machine
Next chapter coming soon...

This is the week of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and we have a special treat for you to go along with it.

As some of you are aware, my senior colleague-in-blogging Bacchus offers an image attribution service through which, for a very modest fee, he will track down the provenance behind images you find on the Internet. There’s a lot of imagery out there that has sadly lost its provenance — it’s beautiful to look at, but often the images as seen on the web (especially on Tumblr) have no text indicating who created these images or what they are representing. This lack of provenance is a wrong against the images, and Bacchus is a doughty righter of that wrong.

Recently I commissioned Bacchus to research a long string of images that had reblogged on my Erotic Mad Science tumblr without my knowing their respective provenances, and he came back with quite a few fine examples of research. This sequence of over sixty images (designated the gamma series to distinguish it from earlier research commissions I had placed with Bacchus) is being published now now at Hedonix, a sister site to Erotic Mad Science devoted primarily to images of all sorts of things, including all sorts of things mad science.


The publication run began at noon New York time today, and I expect to have a new post up every two hours until Sunday morning. Head over and check it out — I think you’ll be well pleased by what you see (and also learn a lot about the imagery).