Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Five, Page Eleven

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And how horrible is all this? Opinions vary.

Taylor and Donna disagree on the horribleness of girl-liquification.

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2 thoughts on “Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Five, Page Eleven

  1. Poor girl indeed.. I could imagine being in her shoes – visiting another company probably under the guise of client relations, and within minutes she’s suddenly ripped out of her clothes violently, thrown in a tube protesting, and then fatally liquified – at least while properly stimulated. Did she do something wrong to deserve this fate? Or was it because of her beauty and intelligence? She probably had no idea when she woke up that morning that it was to be her last day alive..

    • You see, this is where the Punisher comes in, no quibbles on the philosophy of life and death, no pushing against the boundaries of common decency and certainly no transhumanistic discussions on crypto-cannibalism. Just the recognition that an Ur crimes were broken and then an implausibly big angry dude with equally big gun shows up and cuts down this pack of hyper hedonists in a near absurd display of cathartic violence. Say what you will about the character, but after having read a few issues of this, Frank Castle makes for a great “chaser”

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