3 thoughts on “Tumblr favorite #1286: Invisible woman

  1. The original motion picture from 1940. John P. Fulton earned an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects on this film.

    BTW, might there be a return of – or new – Invisible Girl to the TOGC Universe?
    Or are there no plans for either at this time.

    • It’s not in the script at the moment, and it’s a bit uncertain whether Jireen ever successfully recreated Maureen’s invisibility technology, but the original creator of the technology, the lecherous Professor Johnson, is still around (or at least his laboratory is) so the reappearance of an invisible girl in the future does seem distinctly possible…

  2. Maureen Creel/Jireen seems to have had success having used it repeatedly on herself, Jill-Prime and Doctor Kirschbaum.

    Back in 1888, Professor Hoffman became separated from research due to his own character flaws, not any failings of the technology. History may repeat itself (after a fashion) for Professor Johnson. Although his status is unknown. BTW,to the best of my knowledge, Professor Richard Johnson has been identified only in the screenplay – not in the comic book. But odds are that was him back in Vol. 3, No. 3.

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