Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Seven, Page Twenty-Six

Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Seven, Page Twenty-Five
Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Seven, Page Twenty-Seven

Lots and lots of mad science going on here.

Let's see how they like being women in the hands of predators.

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Gnosis Transformations: Chapter Seven, Page Twenty-Six written and commissioned by Dr. Faustus of and drawn by Lon Ryden is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

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    • Although I do know is, from Italian Fascists reliving their (last…) glory days to liquidize ‘weapons’ against Kulper’s organization….if I’m getting this right…

  1. Dr. Choi needs a dose of his own medicine. Iris too. Murdering a bunch of people is an evil way to attempt to destroy an evil organization.

    • I think of Iris as being modeled a bit on figure of Medea:

      Let no one think that I’m a trivial woman,
      a feeble one who sits there passively.
      No, I’m a different sort—dangerous
      to enemies, but well disposed to friends.

      Lives like mine achieve the greatest glory.

      An old classics professor of mine once pointed out that this is close to the ethos of a Homeric hero, but it’s shocking when a woman espouses it.

      • Yeah Galane’s and Moe Sizlaka’s comment just shows the double standards and sexism/misogyny that our society is deeply embedded in which is highly sickening.

        Also Galane’s comment shrieks (and hints) of false equivalency as well as if they’re implying that Iris and Choi “just as evil as Kulper” while they’re just doing their task of defeating Kulper (which infact this mistake was made in “Bioshock Infinte” where they made Daisy Fitzroy the Vox Populi “no better than their oppressors” while fighting their oppressors..). What did you expect her to do? Which is my main point.

        Well in short, the “Truth in the Middle” not only being a logical fallacy in it’s self, but it’s also a cancer that is ever present in the psychology of our society which you Dr. Faustus, hope you don’t fall into this type of thinking and keep in mind that Iris is still the protagonist we should be ‘rooting’ for.

        • I wish I could edit the comment but maybe rooting should not be in quotations but reason I used the word because I couldn’t find a better word to describe what I’m trying to tell here.

        • I noted Pedro’s own cruelty, but then you tun around and tell me that I’m in the wrong for having sympathy for his (stupid but largely innocent) brutalized friends who now face certain death. Your social justice stance is clearly the cancerous mind set in this disscussion

          • To call Pedro and co. “innocent and stupid” largely misses the point that they’re still rapists which I’ve already explained how so which they’re actions also mirror real life too which are fundamental problems in todays campus situations with Rape and the perpetrator getting away from it while the victim get’s blamed for it which goes back to what’s even more disturbing is the subconscious habit of calling the rapist “innocent” because of the false preconceived notion that the man “has no control over his actions there it’s natural” (even though it’s rubbish because every single thing we do we’re responsible with) which you turn around and call the victims (Dolly for example) “Evil” simply because they’re enacting their revenge which especially couldn’t be done with normal means of justice because our “justice system” most likely sympathizes the rapist (like you).

            In short: It’s rather disturbing calling Pedro and co the rapists “innocent” while calling Iris and Dolly (which the latter was the victim) “Evil”.

          • Edit: In short: It’s rather disturbing calling Pedro and co the rapists “innocent” while calling Iris and Dolly (which the latter was the victim) “Evil” which is clear example of victim blaiming.

          • Once again you attempt you deliberately misinterpret my statement and continue to attack, why?

          • I didn’t misinterpret anything at all and I clearly read you said but apparently though, like I said before since apparently you don’t understand what’s going on here, I think you missed several quotes back where Iris clearly said that “You don’t have the concept of affirmative consent” which clearly explains that they’re rapists regardless and got what they deserved in the end. Straight and Simple.

          • No one deserves this, clearly you’re just another half mad tumblr-ite with nothing better to do then make poorly written screeds on obscure webcomics

          • Yeah because Tumblr is where you types chase off anyone who doesn’t conform to your standards out of and they need a space of their own and you then shit on them because of that.

            Nice way of revealing your true colors here which beyond this point your probably beyond reasoning and a waste of my time.

  2. So outside of Pedro’s dickery, his friends, who as far as I can tell are simply frat boys, are now condemned to be altered, enslaved, tortured and on the likely chance that they’l be cannibalized, they’ve been given a potent carcinogen in order to fatally poison those that do so. This reaches Berserk levels of sadism

    • From Dolly’s perspective they’re a gang of rapists who are beyond the law, and it would appear that Iris buys into that.

      • Well it is because they are rapists which if you learned what consent means, no means no and yes means yes which while she was a torso, they simply stuck their dicks into her while never consenting to it which signifies as rape. So everything that happened to them at this point, they got what they deserved in the end just like Kulper and her organization is going to get it soon….

        • Weren’t they already attacked and broken for their misdeeds? Tujil, your aggression is both unwarranted and impossibly rude

          • No, they were scared away but doesn’t mean they ‘learned’ their lesson which they’ll most likely carry on and do it again on some other unsuspecting victim at the right opportunity not to mention if you’re paying attention, they’re parents are wealthy enough to buy them out of any misdeeds they might do.

            And you speak of aggression eh? Well you’re OP was aggressive in the first place so…

          • How did I “offend” you? Also resorting to name calling doesn’t help your case at all and I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand what’s going on at all but then again, most people aren’t feminists which explains alot but instead rely on their liberalism like “Truth in the Middle” and False Equivalencies as justifications to sympathize with rapists and victim blame the actual victims taking back at their tormentors/oppressors.

          • Your faux intellectual attacks offend me, it’s not a difficult concept

          • Hehehe looks who talking…

            Once again you’re probably not worth a response because I pretty much wasted my steam at this point.

  3. Remember, this is Mad Science. Ethics don’t always apply in that world. The Mad Scientist is anti-hero at best.

    • I am inclined to agree. Across these stories as currently published, I find it hard to identify many characters (of those who actually use mad science, as opposed to those just caught up in it) who are too heroic, with the exception of Maureen Creel in Volume IV. there are many anti-heroes, though.

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