Pleading post on behalf of Tales to Terrify

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Because the splendid weekly horror-fiction podcast Tales to Terrify has at least 4,000 weekly listeners — I am one of them — I cannot help but think that there must be some overlap between the readers of this site and TtT’s listeners. If so, I have some bad news which I wish to convey, if you haven’t heard it already. The podcast is in financial crisis. Podcast founder Tony C. Smith is essentially financing it out if his own pocket at this point, and he can’t do this indefinitely. Unless it gets a financial boost from listeners, Tony estimates that it will have to shut down in about ten weeks.

It would be a great shame if we lost Tales to Terrify. Over the past few years they’ve done many fine narrations of first-rate fiction. It was given a solid foundation by the late Larry Santoro, and it continues to be strong under its new host Stephen Kilpatrick. Like so many of the finest things on the Internet it is free to all; there’s no paywall and as far as I can tell no external advertising. But that means that TtT depends on individual donors — people like you and me — to keep up and running.

Let’s not let Tales to Terrify die. If you are a listener, please consider going over to the main Tales to Terrify page and clicking on one of the links on the right-hand side of the page. You can make a one-time donation or — what might be far more helpful still — can become a monthly subscriber.

I thank you.