Tumblr favorite #1739: Why We Love Comics

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I find it an especially nice touch that the ape refers to the case he (?) is carrying as a “valise.” Original post here.


Sourced to Comic Book Covers via turner-d-century. Original text:


true story 


Strange Adventures #75, December 1956, cover by Gil Kane and Bernard Sachs

Sometimes, people ask me why I like comics books.

This is a cover

of a gorilla,

robbing a librarian,

at gunpoint,

for Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe, and Treasure Island,

for the purposes of conquering the world.

What’s not to love?

4 thoughts on “Tumblr favorite #1739: Why We Love Comics

    • An “evolving ray?” Now that’s serious comic-book thinking…

  1. I would think a 500 pound gorilla wouldn’t need a pistol to intimidate a librarian,

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