Tumblr favorite #1822: Space dolls

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Original post here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Γ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “Γ 054 – Space Dolls.” Here is what Bacchus found.

The “Stanton” signature tells us this is by fetish cartoonist and illustrator Eric Stanton. It is the third panel of the first page of a story called Space Dolls:


According to a post on Vintage Sleaze, Space Dolls appeared in a 1962 Orbit magazine, at a time when “Stanton was sharing workspace with Steve Ditko…and had developed a close working relationship and heavy influence on each other [sic].” The covers of all three issues of Orbit magazine are visible here, but do not reveal which issue contained the Space Dolls story.