Tumblr favorite #1828: Candyspace

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Original post here. This image was researched by Bacchus at ErosBlog as part of the “Γ commission.” The research was originally published at Hedonix as “Γ 060 – Candyspace.” Here is what Bacchus found.

This image sources on Tumblr back to the artist’s blog, where it is titled “Candyspace” by artist Zoetica Ebb, and tagged “illustration” and “my work”. There’s a “taken with Instagram” caption which suggests it may be a filtered photograph of the author’s art, in support of which notion is the fact that a similar illustration appears as part of the “spacefriends sticker set” that is available for sale in the unlinkable shop on the artist’s web page. (Navigate Shop⇒Stickers⇒Spacefriends Stickers Set.)