3 thoughts on “Gnosis Pharmacology: Chapter Eight, Page Seven

  1. So they could either (A) Work for an alphabet agency and get a pension with job security or (B) be blackmailed into submission by a pack of a deranged hedonistic cannibals


    • In a well-regarded recent television series with which you might be familiar, a middle-aged cancer victim named Walter White faces a choice between (A) allowing his wealthy former business associates to pay for his costly cancer treatments and living out his life as a family man and high school chemistry teacher and (B) a life of crime as a badass methamphetamine cook.

      Which of these do you think makes a better story?

      • Nah, you’re wrong, you created a way more potent villain with the latter group. I mean their contact is an undead psychopath and the feds so far have done nothing but follow an unusual case.

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