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My original tumblr post was here. I am uncertain of the provenance of the (probably CGI) illustration, but hte tumblr On Sex and Its Dark Side wrote a substantial text to go along with it.

When they explained the procedure and possible risks/side effects Erica bit her lip and looked away from the eyes of the 3 male scientists who sat on the other side of the conference table from her. It was the 4th time that they had gone over this with her in so many days and for good reason. She had volunteered for this and agreed to it even after hearing it all.

“Yes so you understand that this experiment will require you 24 hours a day for a full 3 years ?”


“You understand that this experiment is sexual in nature and you may be probed, pleasured, tortured, and generally put through a gauntlet to measure sexual arousal levels?”

*Bites her lip and nods looking away*

“You understand that any audio/visual footage and or images are property of our lab to use as we see fit including promotional items that may eventually be shown to the public and we do not hide faces/distinguishing marks?”

*Nods and turns a deeper shade of red*

“You understand that the process can in some cases become addictive and we take no responsibility for your actions or rehabilitation once you have left the facility?”


“Finally, you understand that in some cases subjects have become so addicted that they can not be returned to normal society and if this occurs our policy is to hand the subject over to one of our subsidiaries for joygirl services(Hookers) Or club workers (Party whores) with their rights stripped for the rest of their lives?

*Nods and squeezes her eyes shut*

“If you complete the 3 years with us and are cleared for release you will receive 3 million Nuyen and be asked to send reports for the rest of your life. Do you understand these things as I have explained them to you Miss Jensen? I will need you to reply verbally and look into the camera for the empathy software and mage to confirm your answer.”

Erica was shaking…she knew what would go on…her husband worked at this place before he died and god she was volunteering for it! I mean 3 mill was allot of cash but…there was something else. Without her husband to hold her back there was a fantasy that she always had…a fantasy of being nothing more than a sexual object for anyone who wanted to use it. For 3 years this project would offer that and either she would be paid well or she would live out the rest of her life as an object…it was a win win!

“Yes, I Erica Marcia Jensen understand everything that has been explained to me today and accept any consequences of entering this program hence fourth.”

The mage nods and a beeping noise comes from one of the men’s comlink.

“Very good Miss Jensen please disrobe and dispose of your clothes in the bin to your left. We begin immediately.”